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Healthy holiday gift ideas

Two sets of hands exchanging a small, wrapped gift.

Dec. 2, 2022—Let's face it: Finding the right holiday gift can be tricky. There's your friend who always regifts; your oh-so-fussy niece; and your mom, who insists she doesn't need a thing. What's a gift-giver to do?

Here are 10 healthy gift ideas that won't break the bank:

1. DIY relaxation kit. Stuff a festive basket with a few candles, add some incense or specialty soap, and top it off with a gift card for some new music.

2. Get-active gift certificates. No need to shell out any cash here. Just give the gift of your time. Offer a few hours of free babysitting so a friend can squeeze in gym trips. Or pledge a week of brisk walks with someone who could use an exercise buddy.

3. Workout playlist. Share your favorite get-pumped tunes to help someone push through those last few weight reps or bike laps.

4. Specialty socks. This oldie-but-goodie gift can be a surprise hit—modern running socks can help long-distance runners stay on track all year round, keeping their feet dry and blister-free. It's a great idea for hikers too!

5. A kettlebell. This hand weight looks like a cannonball with a handle on top. It's great for cardio, strength and flexibility training. And because it can provide an intense workout in a fairly short time, it's a good match for anybody with a busy schedule.

6. A recipe collection. Customize a mini cookbook and treat the chefs in your life to healthy recipes you know are crowd-pleasers.

7. Resistance bands. Lightweight and portable, these strength-training tools are easy to stuff in a suitcase. And the travelers on your list can use them to work out nearly every muscle group.

8. Pedometer. Consider giving everybody in your family this step-counting gadget for some friendly competition. See who can rack up the most steps every day. It's a low-cost alternative to pricy fitness trackers.

9. Exercise mat. Help a friend with their floor routine—surprise them with this soft cushion for yoga, stretching, crunches, planks and pushups.

10. Running belt. Help the joggers (and walkers) on your list keep their keys, phone and other personal items within reach while they work out.

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